We should start by understanding what REMARKETING is and how it helps us grow our sales. Remarketing is a specific advertising action that helps you get back to the attention of those who left your website without undertaking any action: they did not buy, did not fill out registration forms for your database and so on.

In fact, according to the statistics, it is not unusual that about 96% of your visitors would leave your website without undertaking any action or that 70% of the buyers would place products into the cart and change their minds afterwards and abandon the shopping cart without buying anything from you.

But what if you could reach these visitors, determine them to return to your website and buy? Well, I have good news! It can be done!

This is what remarketing is, also known as retargeting or remessaging. So, how does it remarketing work?

Remarketing for advertising in the Display network is also a form of Pay-per Click by which you are able to redisplay the advertising banner to those people who have already visited your website, while they continue to browse on Google:

  • First, a potential customer accesses your website or online store
  • A tracking code is withheld in the browser
  • The potential customer leaves the website without specifically undertaking any action and continues to browse Google.
  • The banner with those products on your website they have accessed are displayed again via Remarketing. Even a discount, a promotional code or free delivery can be offered to them, everything followed by what is called in market a call to action.

I would like to emphasise a few important Remarketing aspects, namely:

  • You set the number of redisplays, but it is recommended that a tracking limit should exist
  • You can do remarketing by selecting, if you wish, only those visitors who placed products in the cart and afterwards gave up shopping them.
  • Or, by Remarketing, you can particularly address those who visited certain products or pages on your website, which you want to promote.
  • You can exclude the buyers or people who have undertaken actions on the website or, on the contrary, you can create promotional campaigns addressed only to your loyal buyers.

Test, analyse and because there is no purchase at first sight, but only in a maximum of 2% of the cases (even if they discovered the ideal product, the buyer will still want to check other websites too) OPTIMISE!

Remarketing therefore means more sales, a higher ROI and more searches for the brand. Ultimately, more money for you!

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