Currently, almost everything happens on the Internet, and the impact the social media has on our daily lives is huge.

But what is social media anyway?

Social media is a form of human interaction in the virtual environment, the cheapest, fastest and most convenient way to socialise, to seek information or publish content.

For the business, to use the tremendous potential provided by the social media to promote products in order to make a brand known and reach as many potential customers as possible is something that should not be overlooked if you want your business to develop in the highly competitive environment on the market.

In recent years, platforms like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest have experienced a real boom.

For example, Facebook is the largest social network with over one billion users worldwide, of whom over 8.5 million of them only in Romania.

It all began in 2004 when one of the founders, Mark Zuckerberg, wrote a code for a website, designed so as to allow the access only for the Harvard students, at least in the beginning. A few of Mark’s colleagues intervened, because the idea was liked and thus Facebook extended also to the Stanford, Columbia and Yale Universities.

In 2005, the domain www.facebook.com was bought for the amount of 200,000$, and starting with 26th September 2006, Facebook opened its gates to all users who had an e-mail address and were aged over 13.

In September 2009, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the threshold of 300 million users worldwide was exceeded.  Facebook is also available on the GSM terminals such as iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia or BlackBerry. The statistics show that Facebook is the most important social network on the Internet according to the monthly number of visitors.

Therefore: does advertising on Facebook really work?

See below at least 5 reasons why the advertising campaigns carried out on Facebook can bring you generous income:

  1. Your potential buyers are on Facebook: in fact, everyone is on Facebook, which means 1.49 billion users worldwide to be more exact and 22 billion cycles a year!
  2. advertising on Facebook is cheap:  with only a few Euros, you can reach up to 3,000 users whom you can present your products and services to!
  3. When you present your product, you can choose the people to address: gender, education, behaviour, demographic categories or browsing preferences of each individual user!
  4. You can make your brand or products known in a shorter time than it would be possible through any other communication channel. The image of your company will grow in reputation and your brand will be visible where it matters!
  5. By Remarketing, you bring the visitors back on your website – users who have been on your website can be exposed again to the banners with the products viewed, while they navigate, you can offer discounts, promotions so that they are determined to return and buy from you!

So, here’s another way at your fingertips, to promote your business online and thus increase your sales!

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